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Title: The Great Seer
Genre: fantasy – saeguk, romance
Episodes: 36
Director: Lee Yong Suk
Screenwriter: Lee Soo Yun , Nam Seon Nyun
Broadcast network: SBS, every Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-10

Ji Sang, a gifted seer, was born with the ability to see into people’s pasts and futures. He helped the General Lee Sung Gye became the first king of the Joseon Dynasty.
Character Description

The best confucian scholar in Goeryo
He’s a king maker who helped Lee Sung Gye became a king and set up a new nation.
He’s cheerful, uniques and righteous man. He has ability in fortune telling, fengshui and since he’s a boy he has ability to figure out people’s past and future.
His father, Dongryun, was the best fortune teller in Goeryo who worried that one day his son would ruin somebody’s else life with his talent.
That’s why Dongryun sent Jisang to the great monk, Muhak, to get rid of his talent.
While Goeryo’es era near collapsed, Jisang believed that Lee Sung Gye, a capable general, would be the leader of a new era. So Jisang gathered various people with different expertise such as martial arts to help Lee Sung Gye

Jung Geun
Son of Lee In Im, the most powerful man in Goeryo. A man who grabs whatever he wants.
He grew up learning feng shui, physiognomy, fortune telling from Chinese’s old theory books.
Then he met Jisang and envied him because Jisang was superior than him although Jisang learned his ability through real life experience such as cheater, gambler, gangster or shaman.
Jung Geun cheated prophecy to take away commoner’s land. He approached the powerful people using physiognomy. He became evil because of his greed.
And he also leved two ladies who were not allowed for him.

Taejo Lee Sung Gye
First king of Chosun dynasty.
He was one of Goeryo’s best general.
After the turmoil in the end of Goeryo era, he set up a new kingdom, Chosun , and moved its capital.
When he was’nt in the war field, he was a quite playful man. He likes to dance with escort lady and makes fun of other generals.
But in the battlefield , he was fierce general who always stands in front.
He has a great heart and full of kindness.

Hae In
Jisang’s lover and the daughter of Hyomyung.
Strong lady who stands against destiny for love.
She’s also a gorl who has a talent in fengshui.
She lived unlucky when she was a child but she’s cheerful, smart and strong. She never hides or lies on something.
She throws away wealth and honor for her lover.

Ban Ya
Jisang’s first lover. Later, she becomes the shaman-of-the-nation.
A woman who became cruel only to survive.
When she was a girl, she was sold to a geisha house, a place where she met King Kongmin.
She had a son, Woo, who later became a king.
But then, she was a victim of an assasination plot.
After that, she became a woman who does anything to get what she wants.
She manipulated Jisang several times to grab power.
When Lee Sung Gye became king, she tried to make her grandson, King Chang, returned to the throne. But her plot failed, so King Woo (her son) and King Chang (her grandson) were sentenced to death.
As she lost everything, she blamed Jisang and swears a revenge.

Lee In Im
Nobleman in Goeryo dynasty. Real father of Lee Jung Geun.
He’s from influential family in Goeryo. Started from a low level officer, he finally became a minister after on 1364 , he suppresed the rebellion of Prince Dukheung.
Then he became the King’s son-in-law.
When King Kongmin was assasinated, he crowned Prince Woo as the new king.
Then he grabbed more power as he monopolized major position, sold government positions and eliminated his opposing party.
But finally he was expelled to wild place as a traitor.
He then tried to eliminated Lee Sung Gye to once again retuned to the power.

Soo Ryun Gae
Jung Geun’s real mother. National shaman. She has an affair with Lee In Im and was a helper of him.
She is the best shaman in Goeryo. Even palace looks for her.
She’s charismatic but greed to obtain power.

Young Ji
Jisang’s real mother. Lee In Im’s wife
She has dignity, grace and nobility. She is strong as an iron woman.
Dongryun leaves her to save Jisang. But, he always watches her secretly to guard her.
Her real son, Jisang looks for mother eagerly.
Ji Sung as Ji Sang
Lee David as young Ji Sang
Kim So Yeon as Hae In
Son Na Eun as young Hae In
Ji Jin Hee as General Lee Sung Gye
Song Chang Ui as Lee Jung Geun
No Young Hak as young Jung Geun
Lee Yoon Ji as Ban Ya
Park Min Ji as young Ban Ya
Jo Min Ki as Lee In Im
Oh Hyun Kyung as Soo Ryun Gae
Lee Seung Yun as Young Ji
Lee Jin as young Young Ji
Choi Jae Woong as Dong Yoon
Lee Do Yup as Lee Kang Dal
Kim Min Hyuk as Won Gae
Ryu Tae Joon
Joo Min Soo as Sung Bok
Lee Moon Shik
Ahn Kil Kang
Yoo Ha Joon as Shin Don

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